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Kosel started their company due to friends and family wanting to get a fair shake and quality repair service at the same time in the Austin area. So, in June of 2001, Kosel AC & Heating Inc. was established. We immediately began to pickup business when word got out that Steve was now an independent contractor. Word has spread so far in fact that we have had contracts stretching across Texas in Lubbock, Houston, Corpus, and Dallas.

We are proud to say we specialize in not only heating and cooling but also refrigeration services. Commercial restaurant chains have been using our expertise since 2009! New Construction companies have loyally used us since 2005!

Don’t fret now! All those commercial services opportunities didn’t come out of nowhere. Our residential business was all word of mouth from friends of our friends and family. We’d love to expand and share our fair pricing, reliability, and expertise with your family too!

Kosel Air Conditioning